Fixed Matches

Soccer Fixed Matches? Stay Away!

In the age of technology, people are always trying to make a quick buck, and one of the latest scams going around is “information on fixed soccer matches”.

There are plenty of websites and individuals online that will offer people so-called match fixture information in exchange for money. These sites are always a scam and pray on thousands of unsuspecting gamblers.

Some people say that “If it’s a scam, how come I know someone who tried it and it worked for them?”

Here is how it works so that you can avoid getting duped in the same way:

1. The scammer finds people who are interested in knowing the results of a “fixed match”. For this example, let’s say they find 1000 people. They offer these people the winner’s name and say you can pay them afterwards when you see that they are right. The scam artist seems convincing because he is only asking for payment after the match, so many people will give it a shot because they have nothing to lose and could potentially win money in a bet if the scammer is right.

2. Now the scam artist splits the group of 1000 into 2 and tells 500 people that Team A will win and the other 500 people that Team B will win.

3. After the game, 500 people will have gotten the right answer and 500 would have gotten the wrong answer. While the losing group of 500 won’t pay the scammer, the 500 group that thought he was right will pay the scammer as they now trust him. If he charges, for instance, $50 per person, he has already made $250 000.

4. Now the scammer approaches the winning 500 and offers them the same deal, but now for $100 after the match. They will agree because they believe he was right the first time. He divides the group into 2 again and tells 250 of them that Team A will win and the other 250 that Team B will be.

5. Of course, 250 of them will have been told the right answer again and will have even more trust in the scammer. They will pay him the $100 fee which is another $250 000 in his pocket.

6. He will now divide the group of 250 into 2 again and repeat the same deal but for more money.

7. The scammer keeps doing this and continues to make money until there is only 1 person left.

8. The scammer will then move on and find a new group of people and repeat the entire process again.

Now that you know how the scam works, you can understand why people fall for it and why some people believe it is truly working. However, these fixed match scammers are always trying to make a quick buck off of you.

Of course, real match fixing exists in the soccer world, but any real match fixture would happen on a much larger scale and would not be easy information to come by, especially not for a small fee.

Lastly, always remember that match-fixing is a criminal activity and is highly illegal in all countries.

Stay away from them and make sure that you don’t get caught up in any illegal activities.

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