Top of the best recommendations for football betting

Top of the best recommendations for football betting

Now betting on football is becoming more and more popular. However, not all people know how to make a hobby successful. To help you make your hobby successful, we have compiled a list of the best football betting recommendations.

Before making a bet, read our article, because these tips will be useful to everyone, both beginners and professionals. And so always consider the following points:

1. The current position of teams in the table and tournament motivation.

Who is higher in the table and who needs more points? These are different concepts. It happens that the current outsider needs points more than the leader, so you need to look carefully.

2. Form of teams.

The standard score is based on the last five matches. If a club has 4 wins and a draw, it is obvious that it is on the move. However, do not forget to evaluate the strength of your opponents and the status of these matches. Separately, you should evaluate the overall statistics of home and away games for the hosts and guests, respectively.

3. Face-to-face meetings of rivals.

Undoubtedly it is important, but do not forget that in modern football in two or three years, the composition of players and coaching staff can change completely. Therefore, it is worth taking into account only the matches between each other for the last two or three seasons.

4. Loss in the formulations.

Injuries, suspensions, transfers, call to the national team, personal problems-players may not participate in the match for several reasons. And this will affect the course and result of the meeting. The absence of leaders can force the team to change tactics.

5. Relationship between clubs and fans.

Principled rivals or best friends-there is a difference. History knows many cases when friend clubs helped each other with points in face-to-face meetings. You should pay attention to the meetings of principal rivals because of the bets on yellow and red cards. No one will be surprised by the elimination in the match «Milan» — «inter».

6. Statistical indicator.

There are a lot of statistical calculations and you just need to work carefully with them for the correct analysis of sports matches. Statistics can tell you a lot. When considering the teams’ recent matches, pay attention to their statistical indicators — the number of dangerous attacks, the percentage of ball possession, shots on goal and target, the number of corners, yellow cards and fouls, the time when teams score the most goals. For Cup matches, information about players who are under threat of disqualification is relevant.

7. The referee of the match and his stats.

The referee is the chief on the field, so you should pay attention to his statistics of warnings and removals, the results of teams when he referees.

8. Weather conditions and the condition of the field.

If heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in the city, and the stadium is not equipped with a roof, teams are unlikely to be able to show effective football.

9. The predictions of the bookmakers.

You should not believe the bookmakers unconditionally, but you should not ignore the initial coefficients and the movement of the line. There are a lot of services that will show you in detail how the coefficients in the line changed as the match approached. Besides, this indicator should be taken into account to compare your own opinion with the set coefficient. If, as a result of analyzing the match, you concluded that the guests should win today, and the coefficient for their winning is 4.65 — do not doubt it. The coefficient may not play, but if its value is higher than the probability, then bet safely.

Total analysis does not guarantee that the bid will pass, but it will help you filter out bids on a hunch and evaluate your strength as an analyst. Do not despair if you lose, defeat is a reason to work on mistakes. Carefully study what and why prevented your forecast from coming true. If this is repeated from time to time, make adjustments to the analysis system.

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