Useful tips on how to predict football matches accurately


“Football is the game of statistics and tactics. One who understands this wins the match.”

Learn how to predict football matches

The most popular game all over the world is football. There is nobody that has not heard about the football game. If you are interested in football games, matches, and you want to predict the football matches accurately, you have to start from someplace. If you predict the football matches by guessing the results and are not an expert, you are only on your luck. If you want to guess accurately, you should check the statistical results and then predict the football matches because luck cannot be with you. If we look back in history, many weak teams win the matches against strong and popular teams. These cases are rare but found in history, so you should rely on statistics instead of luck. Now the question arises on how to analyze the football matches and win the predictions? We will share some tips and tricks on how you can predict the football matches and win.

1. How to predict football matches successfully – the Variables

When you want to predict the football matches, then the first thing you should think about is variables. What things and data you can use to predict the football matches? The first thing is the performances of teams in the past and collects their data. The data includes goal differential, shots on targets, location of shots, shots on goal, possessions.

You have to collect this data and information because you can predict the current odds between the opposing teams with the help of this data. You should collect data on previous matches in the past years of both opponent teams. It is a time-consuming process, but with the help of this, you can win. When you collect the data and enough information on previous matches, about both opponent teams, you will get the whole picture of the current match and their next matches, and now you can predict accurately.

2. Football Predictions – Goal Expectancy

Goal expectancy requires basic mathematics. You can find information about expectancy on any football betting related website. You can find this expectancy data on sports famous also, and you can also look at the results of previous matches. You can also watch and listen to the commentary of football matches because commentators give the details of every goal and shot of the match. You should also pay attention to the ball possession charges of the teams. You should collect the goal expectancy data to understand the possibility of goals between opponent teams, and you can do this from different sources.

3. Football bet predictions – Home Ground Advantage

Source: UGC

According to history and previous results, the team performing on its home ground performs much better than the opponent team and win the match. According to the betting specialist’s website, a match that plays at the home ground can have a chance of goal about +0.74. You can check the results on the website, which shows the results and statistics of the previous five matches where football matches of the league of Europe had performed much better than the opposite team. Statistics show that they had a chance of goals about +0.37 because they were on their home ground. 

If you are predicting the football matches, you can also use this data and information when calculating the betting odds of any team. On the home ground, there are many chances to win the matches because of their fans, and audience, and support.

4. Goal Differential

The best possible data and information that you can get about the match is from goal differential. There is a lot of data preset about the goal differential in the statistical category. But goals can be on a random basis because football matches can be unpredicted sometimes. But you can look at the data of the expected goal differential for the current match.

5. Team roaster

It would help if you did not forget that team is as strong as its weakest link. So, for this, you should wait and check who will play in the match before you place the football match bet. You should match the information before placing the bet. You should collect the information about every player in the match because the best players can give a team better chances to win. Also, look at the new players because no one knows how well they perform, and they can change the results and statistics. 

6. Shot on Goal

According to previous results and statistics, the more you will try to shoot a goal, the more you will get a chance to achieve it. All goals have different shots and angles, and because of this, you should find the data about ball possession for the teams and the number of shots and goals. When you look at the previous results and statistics, then you will come to know about teams with better possession percentages that can turn into shots.

7. Location of shots

When you are going to predict the football matches location of shots is another important point. Some teams and players can make goals and best shots from specific positions and locations in the ground. Same as that opposite team can defend the shots and goals from a particular position in the field. It would help if you calculated these possibilities of shots from different locations in the ground.

Source: UGC


If you are going to predict football matches, then do not rely on luck always. You have to do some statistic calculations, review the previous results, and analytical information’s of matches. If you do the right things, collect the right data, and earn a lot of money from betting. There is no magic to predict and win. You have to do research, the mathematics that will increase the chances of your victory. 

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